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Nonton Our Last Tango (2015) Film Streaming Movie Cinema 21 Bioskop Subtitle Indonesia

Our Last Tango (2015)

Quality: Year: Duration: 85 MinView: 227 views
508 votes, average 7.2 out of 10

María Nieves Rego (80) and Juan Carlos Copes (83) met when they were 14 and 17, and they danced together for nearly fifty years. In all those years they loved and hated each other and went through several painful separations. Now, at the end of their lives, the two dancers are willing to open up about their love, their hatred, and their passion. In “Our Last Tango” Juan and María tell their story to a group of young tango dancers and choreographers from Buenos Aires, who transform the most beautiful, moving and dramatic moments of the lives into incredible tango-choreographies. These beautifully-shot performances compliment the soul-searching interviews and documentary moments of the film to make this an unforgettable journey into the heart of the tango.

Tagline: Divided by life, united by Tango.
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Language: Español

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